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Securing you have a nice and clean home is more than just sweeping the floor and scrubbing the tiles; it also entails cleaning to the very fibers of your carpet and rugs. So, when was the last time you cleaned your rug? It is important to let you know that rug cleaning is an essential cleaning routine you need to do regularly.   

Some people searching carpet cleaning near me are forgetting that their rug is as also important as their carpets. While you may think that rugs are just for decorative purposes, they are generally a good investment in your house, especially when it is a family heirloom. Moreover, your rug also plays almost the same role that your carpet plays. Treating and cleaning your rugs is important to preserve their appearance and overall state. Here are the five rug cleaning tips coming from professionals.  


  1. clean your air filters regularly  

Yes, certainly, your rugs are the ones that hold the dust for you, and they do it 24/7. They collect the dust from the air and prevent it from circulating around the house. The good news is, the same role is played by your air filters too. So, to reduce dust that would eventually accumulate in the fibers of your rug, always check your air filters regularly and clean them on a regular basis too. When your air filter is doing its job, you will never have to wash and clean your rugs as often as it needs.   

  1. rugs and doormats are two different things 

Doormats are there for a reason and your expensive rugs are never a substitute for a doormat. Doormats prevent the outside dirt to be transferred in your home, while your rugs prevent small dust inside the house to circulate around and about. One of the important things that you can ask your guests — which makes a big impact by the way — is to request them to remove their shoes before they enter the house. Do not get us wrong. This is something normal to do in most cultures especially in the Eastern part, and this should not be an embarrassing thing to do. By doing so, you will prevent dirt and dust from entering your vicinity big time.   

  1. do your vacuum task at least once a week 

Although vacuuming does not remove all the dust and dirt from your rug, it surely is a good maintenance cleaning tool you can use on a regular basis. Vacuuming your rug would prevent dust and dirt accumulation so you will not have a difficult time removing them in deep cleaning.   

  1. always treat the stains 

Once you let the stains get hold of the fabric for a long time, it will be very difficult to remove them. So, the very effective way to avoid having deep-seated stains is to clean them as immediately as possible. And we mean this in a way that you clean the stain after dropping them.   

Once you now finished following the four methods, it is also time for you to schedule a yearly deep cleaning to maximize rug maintenance.